Oar Board® Adventure Row 13'4″ Inflatable Standup Paddle Board (SUP) Oar Board SUP Rower

Inflatable SUP or hard SUP?… that's the topic of discussion between many paddlers, and one that many find hard to answer. Once I got out onto the water, thanks to the steadiness of the board (which apparently is due to clever fin placement and rocker lines”), it was a pleasure to ride. Yoga mats are yesterday's news and yoga paddleboards (YSUPs) offer up the chance to take your practice to the next level.

If you're prioritizing speed and weight over durability, consider getting a single-layered inflatable stand up paddle board. Security - Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Boards can be rolled up into your vehicle, no need to buy an expensive rack. In the package, the manufacturers have included a bag, a pump and a large removable center fin.

All-rounders like the Qi Crossover are better suited to beginners, and are equally at home in flat water or surf, for either cruising and longboard wave riding. Your paddle should be taller than you are by about 10-20cm, so you can stand up tall and straight when using it. You'll likely prefer a relatively shorter paddle for surfing and whitewater, and a paddle on the longer side for touring or racing.

As well as being suitable for novices, these boards are great for anyone (even kids) who want to have fun and do some gentle paddling without too many fancy features. SUPER PORTABLE - The ease of deflating and inflating make this board ready to go on a whim!COMPLETE KIT -Comes with all essentials, including coiled ankle cuff safety leash, oar, manual air pump, and customized storage bags.

Also the Solstice doesn't come with a paddle as is common with other boards, which surprises a few boarders. The PathFinder iSUP is built of tough PVC material and a multi-layer Dropstitch construction that can withstand a lot of harsh situations. Extremely durable - Believe it or not ISUP's are actually better suited for river paddling and rocky shores.

Meanwhile, The Red Paddle Co 22” Dragon is a four-person racing paddle board which can go seriously fast (in part thanks to the power of eight arms driving paddles through the water). Wash your SUP equipment after going in saltwater, be sure to get the fin boxes, slider nut and screw, as well as the deck pad.

Most solid stand up paddle boards have an air vent installed on the deck. The Adventure Row 13′ 4″ features our unique specially designed 2″ deck strap rings that make mounting or removing an Oar Board® very fast and easy. A mast foot fitting is included on the deck of the board so that a windsurf sailing rig can be mounted, making these boards exceptionally versatile.

Inflatable is unbeatable when it comes to stand up paddle boards, and since 2008 Red Paddle Co has been making the best. Once you've got to grips with standing, balancing and using your paddle you'll no doubt be looking to invest, yet with a multitude of options it's hard to know where to begin.

The unrivalled practicality of inflatable boards would be pointless if they didn't perform to the highest standards. Softer surface: People falls from surfboards at some point especially when some is surfing the webs or just getting used to surfing. If you're travelling, don't have a lot of room to store a board, or want to transport your board by bike, public bus or airplane, an inflatable SUP is the right way to go. There are inflatable inflatable stand up paddle board boards for every SUP scenario.

But this is essential when surfing the waves. In my opinion, I think inflatable paddle boards are worth buying especially if you like to stand up paddling so much. Inside is the Cascade 11'0″ body, backpack, repair kit, high pressure pump with gauge, removable fin.

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